McDonald's Hamburger story

oldest fast food hamburger, 14 year old hamburger

I bought this hamburger on July 7, 1999 at the fast food restaurant McDonald’s, in Logan Utah.  Being always on a diet, I was involved with another weight loss gimmick and scheduled to do a home presentation the following month with regards to what not to eat.  This fast food hamburger was going to be an object lesson about live enzymes.  At the little meeting, I showed the hamburger and the pickle, which was just starting to disintegrate.  There was no decomposition to the meat or bun, nor any mold, fungus or smell.  It had no bad odor at all.

            The hamburger, in the original sack with the receipt, ended up in the pocket of my jacket.  The jacket sat in the back of my van all through the summer heat.  I stopped doing that weight loss program, so I never missed the hamburger or needed it again.  The hamburger has never been in a refrigerator during its 13 year life. Now it just sits on a shelf.

            The coat ended up in a closet and there it stayed for over a year.  Once found, it was amazing to see that there was no smell, mold or fungus. The hamburger ended up back on a shelf in our closet where it was rediscovered several years later.  Now the fast food hamburger has become a unique item and we decided to just hang on and see what happens to it.

            I’m not sure of the year, but on one of its anniversaries one of my kids suggested putting the fast food hamburger on eBay.  They had seen some other crazy item sell for a ridicules amount.  They listed it on eBay and it became a top item within a few days.  On the first day of the auction, my daughter Sandy Walton, while away at college in Idaho, put in a bid of something like $5.00.  Just before the auction ended, I guess because the bid had reached $2,000.00 and was a top item for the week, eBay investigated this item, froze our account for a month, and cancelled our auction. 

            The high bidder at the time, someone in one of the New England States decided not to go through with the purchase because of this investigation.  So we decided to just kept the fast food hamburger.  By now the hamburger was becoming even more interesting. 

            A couple of years after the eBay experience, my daughter Julie Jackson living in Washing D.C., called into a talk show and discussed this crazy item her dad had (the hamburger) to a radio talk show host.  In short, a disc-jockey wanted to purchase the hamburger, micro-wave it, and then eat it at some kind of  promotional event.  There was some concern over health liability with the station, and this did not happen either.

            Frequently I will post or blog about the item on Facebook.  The comments are usually how disgusting this item is, and then people swear off fast food, at least for the day.  Or they post comments about how “real and good” it still looks. 

-By David Whipple
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