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            My name is David Whipple, my wife Beverlee and I have seven children and twenty five grand kids.  While I was born in Logan, Utah, I spent a lot of my growing-up period in Southern California. 

            While living in Riverside, California, in the 1960’s (the home of the first McDonald’s hamburger stand) I became hooked on hamburgers, fries and shakes.  Dad was stationed at March AFB and would bring home sacks full of them.  I and my six siblings could devour several each. Sometimes he could get 5 burgers for a buck!

            Add fries (vegetable) and a shake (dairy) with the hamburger (meat) and bun (bread), you had the perfect meal.  Back in the 1960’s we really believed we were getting all the four basic food groups covered.  The government food pyramid was a perfect meal according to experts, and a McDonald’s meal seemed perfect. Besides, who could argue with Ronald McDonald, a clown wouldn’t promote unhealthy food to kids.  On a hot day in Riverside there was also nothing better than a root beer or coke with the meal.  I was hooked for life.

            Weight came on gradually, and when I joined the Air Force in 1968, basic training took the extra weight off.  I entered at about 200 lbs and came out about 155lbs.  Then college, jobs, and more fast food.  In our fast paced, drive-through society, it was easy to put all the pounds back on, and then some!   
            I got married while in college in 1973 at about 240lbs, and struggled for the past 35 years to stay in that weight range.  I was always on and off some kind of diet.  

            My younger brother, Rodger Whipple, was also in college with me but he weighed 350 pounds.  Today he calls that “naive fat” because he was still “healthy and functional.”  Rodger has been bed ridden for the past eleven years and has had a high weight of 684 pounds.  While always being on a diet, he is currently at 590 pounds, and still confined to his bed with oxygen.  My other siblings have experienced some of the same problems with weight, some more than others.  

Whipple Family with kids, their spouses and grandkids. 2008
            My health was decent until 2010 (age 60) when I went into the doctor because of a constant stiff neck.  I had over thirty tumors in my neck and throughout my entire body, some the size of golf balls.   The cancer was in my spleen and bone marrow.  In August 2010, I was diagnosed with stage-four, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer and underwent six months of chemotherapy at the Huntsman Institute in Saint George, Utah.  My weight at the time was about what I weighed in college, but they suggest because of the steroids I gained even more… (I will take it off again!).  Yes, I’m on a diet - all the time - and I exercise.  So far I've been really blessed, the cancer is still gone!

-By David Whipple
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