Monday, February 17, 2014

Year Old burgers From Six Different Restaurants

The Meat Capsule

These were purchased on February 13, 2013 from six different
fast food restaurants, McDonald's, Jack In The Box, Burger King, Carl's JR, Article Circle, and Wendy's. None of the hamburgers have been refrigerated or have had anything done to them (other then the preservatives and who knows what from the companies). In fact, today was the first time I've looked at them since I purchased them. Think of this as a burger time capsule that I just opened today.  I have to admit it was kind of scary opening each one, not knowing what kind of nasty decomposed surprise was awaiting me! Here's a look at the fast food hamburgers one year later. One more thing, if anyone sees any biblical or famous faces in any of these please let me know, and we'll split the viral profits, JK. 

Carl's Jr 

carls jr hamburger
carls jr hamburgerI was shocked to actually find onions still kind of intact, after a year of sitting in a box I thought for sure they would have disintegrated, I guess not.

Jack In The Box

jack in the box hamburger
jack in the box hamburger


Arctic Circle 

arctic circle hamburger
This has to be the grossest burger unveiled and ironically this was the first one I opened. As you can see, they put all the fixings on this burger, lettuce, pickles, etc. I don't remember if there was tomatoes or not, but if there were they're long gone now. That white flaky stuff used to be lettuce, and the green were pickles.
arctic circle hamburger

Burger King

burger king hamburger
burger king hamburger


wendys hamburger
Pickles are still present after one year, with traces of ketchup and mustard. Also, the way the bun looks it almost makes it looks good enough to taste, trust me it's not, it's as hard as a rock.

wendys hamburger


mcdonalds hamburger
If I were forced out of all these to eat one, this would be it. To me the McDonald's one looks the best out of all of them. Put a little water and throw it in the microwave and your good to go. Freshly fresh and healthy to eat! Just kidding, don't try this at home.

mcdonalds fast food hamburger

By: Dave Whipple

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